Diving head first into April means one thing for our Gainesville-area Honda dealers: Distracted Driving Awareness Month. While some may consider April the prime time to plant gardens and feed their lawns, we focus on ways to lighten the on-the-road load for those who are on the road. If you’re the type of driver whose phone is always glued to your palm, heed these five tips to ensure that you’re staying out of trouble—for your safety and the safety of your fellow drivers.

5 Safety Tips for Distracted Driving Awareness Month

5) Power Down the Phone

It’s no surprise that smartphones have been attributed to an increased rate of auto accidents, so why not just put it away? With Bluetooth connectivity now available for you to make or receive calls, there’s no reason to keep your phone anywhere but in a storage compartment. When in doubt, fall back on this adage: Out of sight, out of mind.

4) Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead

Although your travels might throw infrequent curveballs, properly preparing for the trip can significantly cut back on your risks. Here are a few ways to prep for the road:

  • Punch directions into your navigation system ahead of time, and always carry a map or printout of those directions for use in cases of emergency.
  • Create a playlist of music to stream for the trip, and don’t fiddle with it when driving.
  • Make any necessary calls before taking off, and enable an automatic texting response that you’re “on the road.”
  • Always eat meals, apply makeup, and get dressed before leaving the driveway or parking lot. (You’d be surprised how many accidents are caused by people who are putting their socks on.)
  • Keep easy-to-open snacks and drinks nearby.
  • Perform all necessary maintenance and servicing before leaving. Our Honda dealerships and service centers near Ocala will gladly help your vehicle get into trip-worthy shape.

3) Pull Over, Man

If a text or call comes in that you absolutely must reply to, pull over to a secure area and do your business. Our dealers recommend exiting the highway and parking in a lot, though this may not be applicable in certain scenarios. Use your best judgment while also keeping in mind that other drivers aren’t always as prepared or responsible as you are when it comes to texting and driving.

2) Prevention is Key

If you have kids or teenagers, it’s important that they aren’t perpetuating the distracted-driving epidemic. To remove them from this cycle, you can do a few things:

  • Take the pledge to cut out phone use and other distractions when driving.
  • Join and participate in a local class or course about safe-driving etiquette.
  • Lead by example and never use your phone when behind the wheel.

1) Invest in a Modern Vehicle

Invest in a Modern Vehicle

What price would you put on safety? Our Honda dealers near Orlando bet it’d be quite a bit. Thankfully, spending that much isn’t necessary thanks to the newest Honda vehicles. Modern technology and systems have come a long way in safeguarding vehicle occupants, so becoming a distraction-free driver is much easier when you buy or lease a new Honda.

For instance, the latest 2017 Honda models come with standard or available Honda Sensing™ features like multi-angle rearview cameras, Lane Departure Warning, Road Departure Mitigation, Forward Collision Warning, voice-activated navigation, adaptive cruise control, and more. So when the inevitable distraction comes, your Honda has your back.

Visit one of our Honda dealerships in the Gainesville, Leesburg, or Clermont areas to find your Honda-made safety net: A brand-new vehicle. With your help (along with the aforementioned Honda models and tech), April may once again be known by our dealers as the month of gardening and lawn care. One can hope.

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