Free Summer Activities & Labor Day Events near Gainesville, FL

The end of summer can be a blast for anyone, but it’s especially fun when you’re still a kid. However, nobody wants to break the bank over Labor Day weekend, especially if there’s a way to enjoy summertime fun for free. Read on to see our recommended list of free family-friendly summer activities in Gainesville, and transform your Labor Day break into something special.

Splash for Free: Alachua Splash Park & Lake Butler Splash Park 

Most kids can spend hours splashing in water, especially if temperatures are climbing to 90 degrees. Instead of splurging on expensive water park passes, why not check out your nearby splash pads? You can visit locations like the Alachua Splash Park or the Lake Butler Splash Park without spending any money, and we bet your kids will be just as excited to go.

Outdoor Hunts: Gainesville Rocks & Letterboxing 

Communities all over the country are embracing local art-oriented adventures and two fun options around Gainesville are Gainesville Rocks and Letterboxing.

Gainesville Rocks is a fun outdoor activity for kids where they can take large rocks, decorate them, and then hide them in public areas, like parks or walkways. Letterboxing is structured more like a treasure hunt, where small, durable boxes are hidden in public areas, and then clues are provided online (you can check out your geographic area here). Either option is a terrific way to get your kids outdoors and involved in your local community over the Labor Day holiday.

Home Depot Kids Workshops

Home Depot provides year-round workshops for kids (and adults!) that are free for the Gainesville and Ocala communities. These activities allow kids to create everything from tool boxes to mail organizers while also teaching them about safety and do-it-yourself skills. Check out your local events for kids here to see which Home Depot workshops are available this Labor Day.

Whatever you decide to do this summer or Labor Day weekend with your kids, don’t waste your savings on expensive kids-oriented trips. What they’ll remember as they grow up is the quality time that you spent with them, not how much cash you forked over to go to some cartoon-on-ice show.

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